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In 2003, we decided to spin-out our quickly growing IT department and to incorporate it into an independent software engineering firm – BESITEC (short for Bertling EDI Service & IT GmbH).

While their initial focus was to further improve our booking system, BESITEC has now grown to an independent technology company, which offers individual software solutions, innovative EDI and programming interfaces as well as system planning and administration services.

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Connecting Logistics and Technology

Since its foundation more than a decade ago, BESITEC has played a defining role in the technological development of the logistics industry and, today, their systems enable globally leading shipping and project freight forwarding companies to handle millions of containers and large-scale logistics projects every day in a highly efficient way.

Whether you would like to implement automated connections between you and your business partners, modernize your fleet, plan and install a new IT infrastructure or need individual software that is tailored to your needs, BESITEC uses their vast experience in the field to be a reliable partner at your side.

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Supporting your Digital Transformation

The advancing digitalization of global markets and processes challenges companies and industries to fulfill their new digital potential. As a result, an efficient IT infrastructure has become vital for organizations operating on a global scale. However, digitalization can mean entirely different things depending on the business model at hand.

Based on your business case, BESITEC analyzes the challenges your organization faces, designs new interfaces, applications as well as workflows and implements the concepts within your IT environment. In doing so, they are committed to innovative and disruptive ideas, with the goal to provide you with a long-term market advantage. Innovations, such as new API standards and blockchain technology, are analyzed and implemented effectively, so you can focus solely on your core business.

Visit BESITEC’s website to find out more about their services and how they can support your organization.

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