Heat Exchangers for Solar Power Plant

Shipment of exchangers from France to the USA

Bertling successfully handled the transportation by road, barge and heavy lift vessels of six heat exchangers weighing 325Te each. The exchangers are part of a process to generate steam for turbines using parabolic mirrors in the desert in Arizona.

Solana - Route from France to the USA
  • Step 1

    First exchanger arrives

    The first exchanger arriving in St. Marcel (France) from Chalon (France) on a 16-axle modular trailer.

  • Step 2

    Lifting operations

    The 450Te gantry crane lifting the exchanges into the barge at St. Marcel (France).

  • Step 3

    Barging operations

    The first exchanger landed safely in the barge. The exchangers were barged in pairs via the Saone & Rhone rivers from St. Marcel (France) to Fos sur Mer (France) on the Mediterranean coast.

  • Step 4

    Loading on heavy lift vessel

    At Fos, each exchanger was lifted directly from the barge to the heavy lift vessel.

  • Step 5

    Load securing

    Lashing and securing on board of the heavy lift vessel.

  • Step 6

    Arrival to the USA

    The exchangers being discharged from the heavy lift vessel in Houston (USA).

  • Step 7

    Loading on rail wagons

    Each exchanger was landed to the client's own 24-axle rail wagons for delivery to site in Arizona.

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