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Bertling believes that the requirements of Corporate Social Responsibility are contained within its core corporate values of loyalty and code of conduct, fair operating and labour practices and enhancement of health, safety and the environment within the communities in which Bertling operates.


Bertling has established corporate policies to capture and ensure that these core values on society and the environment are transparent and shared with its employees and stakeholders including the rules of law, personal behaviour and best endeavours.

Bertling seeks to support the welfare of local communities in the regions in which we operate, through the cooperation of and participation with charitable organisations including, to work together on projects that provide benefits and improvements in the lives and living conditions of everyone in those communities.

Supported Charity Projects

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Bertling is committed to continually improving standards of trust and conduct towards its clients and stakeholders by enhancing its reputation in achieving best practices within its global operations. Bertling also seeks the full cooperation of all its regional offices in working towards common goals, objectives and corporate policies in observing international environmental and human rights protection regulations.

Always a step ahead when it comes to compliance

As part of Bertling's continuing commitment to achieve its established corporate targets and objectives, and for the benefit of improving our overall performance, Bertling has developed a supplier code of conduct where it seeks to further enhance trust and cooperation with its suppliers, through working together to ensure compliance with the requirements of International Laws and best practice, to contribute to International Environmental Initiatives and to maintain key interfaces with our clients and stakeholders.

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Bertling conducts its business in accordance with the corporate values and principles.
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Bertling's strategy is to deliver sustainable growth in shareholder value.
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Bertling's global compliance strategy is summarised in the Code of Conduct.
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