Material Controller for Bertling in UK

17 December 2018 |

Bertling Logistics in Middlesbrough is looking for an outstanding individual to fill this position.

Deadline for Applications: 17 December 2018 | Vacancy ID 1727

The successful applicant will be involved with:

  • Coordinate work with Engineers, Inspectors and Warehouse to have a schedule of next deliveries of Materials, and ETA of shipped equipment with expeditors
  • Confirm and advise Warehouses, with sufficient notice time, of arrival of goods, organise and coordinate workers on site, offloading and movement of materials, and make sure before that delivery area is appropriate
  • Working with the transport Team to have in advance all the information about Trailers and goods coming, included name of the transport Company, Plate number of trailers, and from Expeditors to receive in advance the shipping docs with details of packaging
  • Preparation of Material Receiving Report with all the information contained on the Packing list and Shipping Release Note
  • Coordinate with Transport Team and Supplier to have a photos of any loaded truck, before it leaves from collection point, to verify that the truck has been correctly loaded and the load secured with straps in a proper way
  • Supervise any offloading operations, check conditions of arrival of Trailers, supervise the operations make sure that all operations are performed in a safety conditions and all mans involved are in a write positions with PPE properly, take photos of all operations
  • Check all Shipping documentations and complete the Material Receiving Report and the REPORT for any possible problem
  • Make sure to have shipping docs signed, with stamp, from Delivery Company

The successful applicant will have/be:

  • Goods in/Good out monitoring and control
  • Familiarity with the Warehouse Management Systems
  • Material Inspection
  • Health and safety
  • Warehouse experience essential with good track record

Are you up for the challenge? Send your CV/Resume to providing details of your experience and why you should be considered for this position.

F.H. Bertling Logistics Aberdeen Ltd.

Dinsdale House, 2nd Floor
North Sea Supply Base, Riverside Park Rd
TS2 1UT Middlesbrough
United Kingdom
Phone:_ +44 1642 218302_
Fax:_ +44 8719 711935_



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