Consulting & Project Implementation

From demands to solutions - understanding the challenges

To achieve the best IT solutions and services for operations, a profound understanding of business processes and IT are mandatory. BESITEC has obtained close partnerships with its clients. That enables the company to identify and establish synergies between Logistics and IT. The groundwork for efficient operations are their smart, lean and consistent processes. BESITEC understands these processes and translates them into IT solutions.

Requirement analysis

Together with its clients, BESITEC identifies requirements and defines solutions. This is achieved through workshops, discussions or meetings and then documented in user stories or use cases.


BESITEC employs development teams in Germany and India to offer global support in implementations services. The benefits: short communication ways, quick implementation cycles and satisfied customers.



To ensure stable and high-performance solutions, BESITEC uses different types of automated tests, such as unit tests, integration tests, regression tests or user acceptance tests.

Software rollouts

Software updates are released on a regular basis according to a schedule that has been agreed with the client. If required, immediate corrections can be made and implemented as "patch", and also executed between the regularly scheduled updates.

Change requests

BESITEC provides a process to log requests for adjustments for both existing features and new functions. Like this specification, changes and updates get unambiguously documented and then completed step-by-step.

Worldwide office support

Whether it is the setup of a new office, even in a remote location, the provision of an existing office with hardware and software or the connection of field staff to the central data centre: BESITEC is your partner in finding ideal and smart IT solutions.

EDI Project Management

Setting up Electronic Data Exchange is not only a technical matter. There are several different levels that need to be considered. 

  • Organisational layer with contents, direction, cycle and release of a message; the underlined data model; communication partners
  • Data Processing layer with the types of messages, formats, and codes
  • Transmission layer with a physical connection, protocols.

For a successful EDI implementation it is important to define the interaction respective relations between these layers. This is just one example of the various aspects that need to be considered and defined when setting up an EDI connection.

BESITEC's years of experience in the EDI sector allows them to provide excellent services in EDI project management. In collaboration with the clients and their business partners, BESITEC will find the most appropriate way for the most effective EDI connection, which can be easily integrated into existing internal processes.

Research Activities

BESITEC has participated in the research project "LPM - Lean Port Management". This project was initiated by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology with the objective of unifying and simplify standards and processes across the German ports to optimise the usage of resources and reduce transit times.

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